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The best performing Timely Stock Trades ever and here's why -  by Henry Ford / Pitbull Investor Stock Systems

With over 35 years of personal trading experience and well over 15 years of helping other investors through my Pitbull Investor stock trading systems, I have found a common pattern that consistently delivers better than 90% winning trades having the potential of 25% gains or more within 2-3 months. Now that may not sound like much, but if you can compound a 20% gain 6 times a year that amounts to 300% per year, and that is just a fraction of what the options returns can be. (we also have an options engine that automatically shows you what specific options to buy for these trades).

As a trading Mentor, I have taught my students over the years that through the proper selection of certain trading patterns we can reap these gains and know beforehand what to expect, both in profit and time-in-trade from every single investment we make. That is more than 99 percent of professional traders out there know and I am including big long-time successful traders and mutual fund managers as well who have been my students in the past and currently participate in my ongoing Mentoring Forum..  (Click here for details )

They have learned NEVER to enter a trade unless they know exactly how long they should be in each trade and what profit level they should expect to achieve. I am sure you have heard the old adage "Cut your losses short and let your profits RUN". The reason that old time traders say this is they have no idea how long to stay in a trade because they have NO TARGET. Their exits are out of fear of losing rather than achievement of their trade goals.

Over the years I lamented to my students that while the most successful pattern for trading is the Measured Move, there has never been a  scanning program to mechanically find these trades. I have been looking for the holy grail of artificial intelligence programs, all of which promise, but don't deliver. Some of these programs cost as much as $3000 plus monthly fees.

Finally it occurred to me that what I was really looking for was a scanning engine that could find the SETUPS for the trades, which are VERY specific. That I could build myself! Then with a potential list of a handful of stocks instead of 8800 in the entire equity market, I could then watch those culled out of the pool like a hawk and pounce on them when they broke out.

This must all be confusing without pictures, so let me give you an example of what I am talking about:

The basic elements are a Lead-In, a period of consolidation and a breakout.  This is the setup. The key to these patterns is that once we identify those elements, we can project a line at the same angle and length as the original lead-in to predict the optimum target and maximum anticipated time to reach that target. The pattern is uncanny in its accuracy and most of the time stocks will reach their intended target ahead of time.

The lead-ins are easy to spot visually, but the consolidations can take many forms. The most common are annotated above. 1. A drooping flag channel, 2. A flat "BoxTop" channel (strongest), 3. the Symmetrical Triangle, and 4. the Pennant.

The reason these patterns are successful is the original lead-ins are based on profitable earnings. The retracement/consolidation period is a "pause to refresh" as folks who made the right trade during the long rise now begin to take profits, while others, anticipating further gains try to get in a better prices. IF the stock still has good "bones" (continued good news and earnings), then it would be natural for it to continue on its growth path at the same angle and speed as it had before the resting period.  If the earnings/growth picture has failed, then there will not be a breakout and it will be eliminated as a buy candidate.

The lead-in must be at least 25% to insure a 20% gain from the breakout zone. The hard part is identifying the breakout, as these consolidations can be just about any shape. This is where all of the previous attempts have fallen down. What I have done is develop an nightly scan that identifies the following;

1. The precise date and price the stock begun a new lead-in
2. The date and price the lead-in "Qualifies", (reaches a minimum of 25% growth)
3. The precise date and price of the lead-in High after the stock begins to enter the consolidation phase.
4. The date and price that the stock is prime candidate for "Bullwatch" status (buy imminent)
5. We track and list these stocks when they get above their old highs of the previous trend and will continue to follow them until either they have achieved new qualified lead-in status or the trade fails.

Additionally, I will be looking at each of the Hotwatch stocks as well as stocks in consolidation to alert you with my comments when I see a change in status or a new buy signal. These comments will be in the tabular output presented to you each night.  As stocks reach Hotwatch status I will also provide a current marked up chart so you can see what I see. These will be provided in a public charting area with a five day delay for non-subscribers, but of course subscribers will get those charts updated nightly.

I think this is the finest trading system I have ever developed and am pleased to offer it to you as part of our ongoing service commitment.


Within the next week or two will be bringing the new TradeSniffer Measured MoveScreener online with Current trades, Hotwatch Stocks and Breakouts to allow you to make your own decisions on new issues to buy...stay tuned.


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