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My name is Henry Ford, (yes, that's my real name and no financial lineage to the Ford Motor Company, unfortunately).  I founded three hi-tech corporations and have over 135 inventions and products still in the marketplace which bear the marks of my design.

I've been trading my own stock and commodity trading programs for the last 24 years, one day I threw them all away and went back to the basics of market operation.

Now I spend an average of 15-20 minutes every Saturday morning to decide if It's time to sell what I'm holding or pick a new stock signal from one of the 3 or 4 selections.

Monday morning I place my buy and sell orders and the rest of the week is mine to do with what I want. I travel, I sail and I have more fun now and more financial freedom than I ever had when I ran my own corporations -- without the headaches.

Mechanical Stock Trading System

I studied and used a fundamental stock system developed by Nicholas Darvas in the 1960's, revealed in the 70's, and popularized and enhanced by a well known financial paper. That system is known as Darvas Stock System ...

One of the things I liked most was it offered a simple method of measuring performance which I thought appropriately made a nice fit with my own technical analysis.

The original concept, which always included the most profitable stocks with the lowest risk/reward, left me with usually too many stocks, Even as a technician I found it no easy task to search for the subjective stock chart patterns.

Being a reasonably intelligent guy I figured I must be able to beat 90% of the other folks out there...and I did. Trouble is, it became like a full time job for me and it wasn't fun anymore.

I took these principles and did some modification to the selection criteria which will get you closer to the takeoff point. Then I developed a purely mechanical system which allowed me to use the newspaper or the Stock Screen website, to "fast scan" once a week in 20 minutes and come up with three to five excellent choices, that met the majority of the stock selection criteria and would be 70-80% winners.

I then developed a purely mechanical method for exits which would allow me to have protections in place so I could get the risk/reward ratio up over 8 to 1 and still work with lower priced issues, which have more opportunity for doubling and takeovers.

If you are going to invest mechanically and get the emotion out, you have to be absolute on your rules and fixed exit plans. The Pitbull Investor gives you this by teaching you a sound money management plan that you can apply to any strategy and increase profits.

The result was a system I have now traded myself for several years.

How and why does the stock system work?

The System takes the guesswork out of finding good candidates that are poised to take off..

Utilizing these selections in conjunction with Mr. Ford's Money Management, Stop Loss and Exit strategies, has produced astounding returns time and time again in all market conditions.

You will Learn to limit your losses and maximize your gains.

How long do you hold a stock?

We normally hold a stock anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

You will want to maintain a portfolio of 4 to 8 issues. As an individual issue hits a profit exit, or stop loss, you will look at that week's selections, pick the best issue to replace it with...the best issue determined by the rules outlined in the Pitbull Investor(tm) Manual.

The Pitbull Investor has won the "Stocks & Commodities Magazine Readers Choice Award" 5 years in a row for favorite stock trading system. Also, John Sweeney, Editor or Stocks & Commodities Magazine has written a very favorable review on the system.

Five Simple Stock Trading Trading Rules

The Pitbull Investor Manual will outline five simple trading rules of the PITBULL INVESTOR(tm), each of which could be summarized in a single sentence and would fit on a single sheet of paper which can make you a winner in the next 8 out of 10 trades you do.

The important points are these:

1. You will not be guessing on which stocks are going to move. The "fast stock screen" approach will even at the worst of times give you 3 to 5 choices out of over 10,000 stocks at a glance.

2. You will not be listening to market hype on the street which is always wrong or too late to act on, (or your car pool buddy, which is even worse).

3. You will be getting in on stocks that are ready to move spectacularly, either on their own merit or from takeovers and mergers which the general market doesn't know about. You will be in early on split opportunities.

4. You can play the market in good times or bad and still come out a winner; (even in down markets there are many stocks which perform impressively, there just aren't that many of them, and picking them is usually very difficult using traditional "formulae".)

5. You will stay in stocks which are performing well and know when to head for the hills.

6. Your money management is automatic.

7. You can use this system with $2.00 stocks or $200.00 stocks, but there are advantages to stocks under $15.00 and I will show you why....

8. Your gains can, and will, many times range 100% to 200% and I will show you the many winners recently which did just that.

9. You can start with a discount broker trading account, (I'll show you the best one), with $3000 or $500,000 and still have the same relative opportunities.

This stock system is guaranteed to work for you as it has for me or you can send it back for a full refund anytime in the first six months!

This technique is what I call a head-slapper.

When I invent a new product and show it to other businessmen or physicists or whatever, the first reaction is usually to hit their foreheads with the palm of their hand and utter those magic words I love to hear.....WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT???.

Its usually because I have solved a very complex, sometimes seemingly impossible problem, with a solution a school child can understand.

No expensive computer programs to download or install!

No expensive computer programs to download or install!

The Pitbull Investor has been seen in Stocks & Commodities Magazine, CNBC, Barrons, Money Talk Radio, DBC Signal, PC Quote, Rueters, Bull & Bear, Moneynet, E-Trade, The Wall Street Journal, and more!

How do I know if I am working the system correctly?

With the purchase of the system manual we give you six weeks access to our website. Here you will find the stock signals as they occur so you can double-check your work an make sure you are working the trading system correctly.

As well you will have access to my nightly stock market commentary report which beginners and experts alike find interesting and useful. 


We were so confident that investor would be happy with the system, we decided to offer an unconditional 6 month money back guarantee.. and still do!

You may return the material back to me in any condition, with no explanation, within six months after purchase, for a full refund (minus shipping).

No Questions asked.. We process refunds immediately, same day that they are received, charges are reversed, or a check is mailed (depending on your original Method of Payment").

How Much Does It Cost And What Do I Get?

You will receive the system manual which explains the stock selection process as well as determining when to enter/exit. You will also receive 4 weeks of online signal access, plus a stock market video explaining the use of this simple stock trading strategy.

The Pitbull Investor (tm) Stock System is a one time fee of $79.95 $59.50
and carries a six month money back guarantee!

LIMITED TIME: $49.50.. Save over $25 by ordering Today!

You will receive by email a password for instant access to the current signals on our website. The stock trading system manual will ship out the next business day via 2 day priority mail.

Henry Ford

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