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Find the best option to trade for any stock or index by just entering the underlying symbol  in the call box above.


Historical Stock Option Screener

ETF Option Trading

Now you can also look up historical option signals for any stock on any date, see what options we would have signaled on that day, and how the options performed compared to the stock..

Look up todays option signals for any stock, or enter a stock symbol and historical date to get the option signals generated by our system on that day along with full performance results!

Stock Option Screener

Over a  100% return trading the less expensive stock option instead of the stock..

We have been trading and researching stock / option systems for years and that is what we live for, as the stock market is one of the only places in the world where you can walk away with unlimited amounts of cash without anyone thinking twice about it.

 I am not sure if our obsession is driven by pure genius or an overactive greed gland, but using this method of option trading along with the stock signals from the Pitbull Investor and Earnings Trader stock systems has been outperformed anything else we have ever seen...  Try the historical performance analyzer and we think you will be amazed!

Stock Trading System

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