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Most were received by e-mail, stored in a folder, and pasted below. There's a lot of them,
the newer messages are listed first, longer messages have been put on last.. As you will see,
there are a number of happy "pitbulls" out there!

          To: "Wh Ford" <>
          Subject: Re: Pitbull Investor-Major Indicator change and update

          X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1158


Dear Henry, or should we say "Market Wizard Henry"
        Thank you for your kindness and thoughfulness in answer to our questions.  Your new 'Earnings Trader' system looks unique , in that it's currently delivering over  9:1 (filtered) win/loss ratio, a very smart system and suitable for options trading (although we have only experience of trading shares )  But since you have done all of the work in selecting the potential winning options and the system is so mechanical we don't see any real work to do- or major problems in trading options.
        From what we have studied , so far, it seems since there is less risk due to lower capital input and a much higher return;which  more than offsets the occassional losing trades ( no doubt the strength of the current bull market is helping to give a high win/loss ratio )?  Since we are in a different time zone we wonder what effect this would have on us,and would like to learn more about how much time is available to act once the signals to buy or sell are listed?
        We plan to paper trade for 4 weeks to get a feel for the system and how well it works.  The special offer package at $ 59.95      We have just ordered online,  Please send this off as soon as possible as we are eager to learn more and profit from the experience,
        Our sincerest regards,  Derek & Zenaida Williams
P.S. We are trying to take your advice and get a life !  Thankyou for  these  words  of wisdom and  your excellent  work.
Dear Henry.....
Today I decided to test what is new on your site and I am glad I did it.  Your guy recommended the Pre-Earnings Announcement system, as best one you have.  I went through your web page, bought the manual and calculated trade statistics the way I like to look at the system performance (enclosed).  To reduce the number of trades and improve performance, I took only your filtered trades and optionable stocks.

The results were shocking.  They delivered the highest CPC index in my history of trading systems evaluations and development.  If you don’t know it, CPC index is a product of three components:

- % winners

- Ratio of gross profit to gross loss

- Ratio of an average winning trade to average losing trade

Many traders will not touch systems with the CPC index below 2.0.  Your system delivered CPC over 400 in 61 closed trades initiated between May and November 2003.  

The statistics of these 61 trades is outstanding and in line with my trading objectives:

% winners:                                93.5%

Average trade:                           25.2%:

Average trade length:                  80 days

Average number of trades:          7.7/month (assuming 7 months of trades)

Average annualized return:          114%/year (based on average trade and average trade length, no compounding)

                                                179%/year compounding

J....B.... (This user asked not to be indentified...)

From: Carl Salzano <>
Subject: Market Analysis
Status: U


I have used lots of tools over the years but I have say your service has
really been exceptional. Your insight and timing has been spot on.
Keep up the great work.

Carl Salzano

Reply-To: "Darrell Allen" <xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx>
From: "Darrell Allen"
To: <>
Subject: Looking Forward to the Report on Trading

Dear Henry and Staff:
Thanks for such a great website and advisory service. If only I had listened to your advice in a more timely fashion and with less skeptism. I'm very much looking forward to the report you've promised this weekend on trading with the "smart money."
Keep up the great work!
Thank you,
Darrell Allen

From: "S Prebzack" <xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx>
Subject: Pitbull trading system
Status: U

I just wanted to write and say thank you for this easy to understand system, that makes sense and works! I have bought many other systems and services, but this is the first that really makes sense, and money!

Steve Prebzack

From: "Yim Mak" <>
Subject: Please use my testimonial
Status: U

God! I love you guys.  Do you realize if you do your homework, use 10 to 20k of your investments, and you watch your picks with "Pitbull", you can earn the same amount of money a poorly, educated, blue collar person makes per week from your Pitbull Stock System.  I earned only $600.00 to $700.00 per week as a corporate employee.  Some days only one stock has that much gain, if i short, less my commission of $20 to $50 dollars, I have a damn good reason to not go to work ever.  Thank you Mr.Ford.
Yim Ha Mak

From: "Gregg Tousignant" <>
To: <>
X-Priority: 3

Gregg Tousignant

From: "larry holmes" <>
Subject: This is really a great service you have!

Hi Henry,

I'm a new subscriber to your services. But I'm not new to the
financial world. I'm a 25 year veteran of Wall Street. I spent about
20 years with Merrill Lynch and a couple of other firms.

My point in telling you all this is that I am VERY impressed with
your systems. You've taken the philosophy and have refined it
to a very usable and obviously profitable process. Very exciting!


Larry D. Holmes

From: "Douglas Duncan" <>
To: <>
Subject: Great site, Again!


I was a subscriber to your site for a short time and then went off to
"bigger and better" (???). I am a simi-novice but, knowing a little more now than before, I CAN SAY YOUR SITE IS FANTASTIC AND SHOULD BE THE BACKBONE AND DAILY STARTING PLACE FOR EVERY INVESTOR, NOVICE AND EXPERT.


Douglas E. Duncan

From: George Begault <xxxxx@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Bravo!!
Status: U

Dear Mr. Ford:
I am a new subscriber to The Pit Bull Investor, but I am really impressed with your "nightly commentary". Reading your incitefull and very educated ( and most of all - accurate!!) evaluation of the market conditions is really a breath of fresh air. You say so much that is really useful. I wish I had known about your nightly commentary 4 years ago - I'd have a lot more money now.

Anyway, don't change a thing - - it's great, and most of the time
it's the last really enjoyable thing I do before I go to bed.


From: "Kyle Reich" <>
Subject: Here's One For Your Testimonials
Mime-Version: 1.0
Status: U

After the Nasdaq Crash/Correction that took place in early March of this year my portfolio was valued at just a little above 50% its original base. I didn't know where to turn. Seemed like everything I tried just dug my hole a little deeper.

I found your website and I saw that you offered a 6 month money back guarantee and thought to myself, heck can't to do any worse
than I am now. So I started using your system. I have gained back about 20% in the last month or so since the crash. Thank you very much for providing me with that ladder to get out of my pit.


From: "Tom Parish"
To: <>
Subject: Kudos
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Importance: Normal
Status: U

Saw this and I just had to comment - WAY TO GO ...

I'm just loving this work you do. I accidentally found your site, then purchased the mechanical investment strategy you have developed (I'm still testing that out ...) and rather look forward to your nightly commentary. I appreciate all the work, the dedication and creativity you put into your business. I am extremely grateful.

I am very happy to see you making it happen!

Keep up the great work!

Tom Parish
Austin, TX

From: Jay Tristan
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Congratulations!!
Status: U

Well Done!!!

I am a new Pit bull..............have made lots of successful trades thanks to your team........

My question to u today is, when can us lil' bulls use your online stocktables database for our entry and exit signs on a daily basis for buying short and put options???????......weekly is good, but doesn't allow for minor fluctuations...............

You have changed my life!!!!!!!
Jay Tristan

From: "Leonard L. Neiman" MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Stocktables
Status: U

Dear Mr. Ford;

When I first got your literature in the mail, I laughed, but instead of tossing it with junk mail, I decided to read it. I have been investing for over 20 years and have always worked hard on my system. Now with PC's and data, it has changed the amount of conditions I can test effectively. Now I see your database and screens.

I have ordered your materials and am looking forward to determining whether or not you really have simplified the approach to growth stocks, while not giving up all the safety.

Nost importantly, I want to say thank you.

Leonard Neiman

Mime-Version: 1.0
Status: U

This is a service that I have been looking for for over 5 years. Thank you.

>Subject: Online Database

>What can I say...Pitbull has made me rich over the years. I expect it will make me richer with this online database. Thank you for my home, my lifestyle and a job well done.

>Organization: @Home Network
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>Subject: New Database

>This is SO HOT! It is a very professional piece of work, obviously well thought out and superbly executed. My hat is off!

>-Glen Van Peski

To: Pitbull
Subject: Satisfied PitBull looking for others

June 7, 1997

I have been using the EAGLE-I option selection techniques since April 14, 1997 and am very pleased. In 7 Weeks I have doubled my cash value. Even though that seems fast I am still having trouble being patient. I DayTraded OEX options during 1996 and had some success but nothing like this. Whats more amazing is that the success was not in just 1 option infact I have purchased more than 9 different issues and not one of them lost money. I highly recommend this trading system to everyone I know that trades.

I have only one suggestion... PLEASE develop some method for pitbull Traders to communicate with each other. Even if it is just a list of E-mail addresses. This could provide an team atmosphere and give us another reason to convince our friends to join the team.

Well thanks again for such a simple and financially rewarding system. I eagerly await your reply.

Bud (PittTrader) Barton

From: "George F. Hafer"
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Stock Searcher 2.20
Status: U

This is an incredible screening service. Thank you.
George Hafer
Fax From: Michael Watkins

Dear Mr. Ford,

Last Friday, 5-9-97, I became one of your newest PITBULLERS. All the manuals arrived that morning, long short and options. What a weekend I had. I have been a subscriber to Investor's for years but I had never torn into one so deeply as I did on Saturday.

I have been trading commodity options for approximately four years, mostly from the short side, but some long straddles also. I jumped all over the fax on demand early monday morning. I picked up 10 calls on Deere & Co. at $5.50 and sold them Tuesday at $7.50 for a quick profit. The entire manual was so well presented and easy to follow. You have one more convert on your team. I am fully aware that all my trades will not work this well or this quick but I just had to share my experience with you.

I am president of my own company, with branches in Atlanta, Houston, New Jersey, and L.A. I have been looking for a mechanical system that made trading fun. Thank you for making it happen. I Love PITBULL!!!!!!!!

Michael W. Hawkins


Subject: Where credit is due

I've been actively using Pitbull for longs and shorts now for a couple of months. I was just looking at my portfolio as of yesterdays close, and what a pleasant surprise. I currently hold 11 long positions and 6 shorts. ALL BUT 3 ARE IN THE MONEY!

In addition, I bought GWF at 30 and sold it at 42 7/8 - AND - I shorted Centennial Tech at 34 and closed out at 24.

I'm a believer!

Thanks W. Drake

X-Sender: tnaXXXXXXX
Mime-Version: 1.0



Sent Via Fax: 2/18/97
From: Al Thomas

Hello Henry,

As of 1/24 I have been following your Pitbull method since 5/1 and have a profit of 45% cash.

Today I sold my options I bought on GWF for a 638% profit which should put my account at about 100% profit. (Haven't figured it out yet.)

Great little simple system.

Love the Crash Index!

Al Thomas

From: Andy Tapparo

Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
MIME-Version: 1.0

Thank you very much for your prompt resolution of my problem. The quality of your product and your customer service never ceases to amaze me. It is not often that you run across organizations as outstanding as yours. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Andy Tapparo

From: "J L Adelman, PE"

MIME-Version: 1.0

Subject: Re: Proving it to myself

Dear Henry,

I spent several hours today downloading files from your FTP site, in order to check the performance of some of your recent long and short recommendations. With the assistance of the quote/graphing utility you have graciously provided at your website, it is abundantly clear that your winners definitely outnumber your losers. I was heartened by that.

Jeff Adelman
ALexandria, VA

From: Tom Marfizo

Subject: Re: Current Selections,password

Many, many thanks. I looked at the list and decided that I liked Morton (MII) the best. So I put in a limit order with Fidelity Brokerage on the 8th. I got 10 contracts of the Nov 40 at 1 1/8. In fact, I think I was the only one buying. I sold them all today for 2 1/4. I made 100% in two days. You can do the math to annualize it.
DO I need to really tell you I want to subscribe??

Tom Marfizo

From: Matt Pellenberg
To: "''"

MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Mr. Ford,

I have only been a "pitbull" for a mere three weeks or so, but I can already
tell that I am in possession of something that has great potential. As an Investors
Daily subscriber for five years, your method fits beautifully with my thought process. As much as I love the paper (and I look forward to receiving it every day), there was something missing from my selection process, and it showed in my performance. Sure I had many winners (and some devastating losers), but I knew I could do better. The problem was,as I now see it, I wasn't disciplined enough. I didn't know when to take profits or take losses. I now believe this will not be a problem. I truly needed something mechanical and I believe your system can provide this "missing link".

Although I am mainly paper trading, of the four stocks I purchased (NR, LIFB, MARC, and QHGI), three of them are up, and one is at break-even. NR and LIFB are up almost 10% in just 2 plus weeks. As far as paper trading goes, 6 of the roughly 20 stocks I am tracking were closed out at a 1.7% average
loss, and believe it or not, it doesn't really matter. I am almost happy to close out a loser with a small loss knowing that my capital is available for the next opportunity. The winners in my paper trading portfolio are up approximately 3% overall, some more and some less. I realize that the bull market has definitely helped. The point is I really believe this is going to help me.

At some point I would like to take advantage of your option and shorting systems. I figured it might be a good idea to get a handle on the long side system first. I was also expecting an explanation on how to calculate the crash index as shown on the bottom of the service selections from the internet. Is there a way you could clue me in on this?

Finally, I look forward to receiving your pitbull update. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Yours sincerely,

Matt Pellenberg


From: "Steve G Beamer"
Encoding: 7 Text
Subject: Christmas Presents

Rather than giving people something to collect dust in their attic, I
was thinking of giving the Pitbull Investor for Christmas. Do you
have any "deals" going for existing subscribers to get additional
copies as gifts?

Steve Beamer

Mime-Version: 1.0
From: xxxxxxxxx (Stephen)
Subject: You are a Genius

Brilliant, head-smacking brilliant!! I have followed O'Darvas's teaching closely, have won and lost some money. I have always had this nagging thought that some piece of the puzzle that would bring all of his Darvas filters together was missing. I saw you ad in Newspaper and visited your Web page. I ordered $129 special and got all three books. As soon as I read the Pit Bull Investor, it all fell into place, crystal clear, the veil removed, the light turned on. The system is well worth the money, in fact it is a bargain!

From: Bill Irwin
To: "'Invest [Pitbull - WH Ford]'"

Subject: Pitbull

Encoding: 32 TEXT

Now I know that one month's activity of paper trading the low priced stocks is far too early to determine success, but currently my portfolio's ROI is 32%. I am optimistic about the results that will be achieved using the Pitbull system.

Mime-Version: 1.0
From: (Steve Alexander)
Subject: Re: PITBULL

I bought 10 Computer Horizons call options on 3/22/96 for $6.75. I sold them 11 days later for a profit of $2425, (after commissions),
which by the way, was not my best investment this year.

- Steve

Subject: Thanks, but a question

I want to thank your method for doubling my money in DOV calls. I
bought the DOV Sept. 45 calls at 1 7/8 and sold a week later for 3 3/4. More than enough to cover the Pitbull material and 10 years worth of an Newspaper subscription. I do have one question. On the sample sheets on your web site, it says "Date first top/breakout", and "price at first breakout". My question is...was the pitbull in at those breakouts, or was that just chart reading? I just wanted to understand the relevance of those two columns. I really would appreciate your reply and once again thank for the thou$ands in returns I've gotten from being a PitBuller!


From: Gary Pickett

Subject: Password
MIME-version: 1.0

Pitbull....I have been paper trading for 5 months now...and your system has worked beautifully!! I'm ready for the big leap. Can I receive the latest password...and is there a forum on the Web for fellow Pitbulls to exchange info about stock selections? Thanks!

Gary Pickett

From: Allan
Subject: Additional Info


The Pitbull system is really great, I've been using it since September of last year and have averaged between 30-45% ROI every 6-8 weeks.

Thank You Again,
Allan Stein

Subject: I'd like eagle i

Hi there,

As a purchaser of Pitbull investor I must start out by saying I am very happy. As a matter of fact I have even dumped my data provider for a big savings. I have found I do not need them. I have been onboard for some nice stocks that I never would have considered. Some of them are safeway in at 22, btv in at 25, delabs in at 26, tck in at 17.5, I have more winners but I'll limit the thread. Only 10 % of the stocks I've picked have been losers so far.
Thanks for putting me back on Darvas s track.

William Rigby

Organization: THE WOLF
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: Gaylen Ammons
Subject: Re: Wade Cook

Writing covered calls is a strategy that gives you limited
upside and can actually help you lose a ton of money.

My suggestion is to check out PITBULL at

Their systems are easy to learn and the upside potential is huge.


From: Steve Alexander
To: WH Ford
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hi Rand,

I have paper traded Pitbull about 2 months. During that time, it has made an annualized profit of over 100% virtually every week. I now have *real* money in an account (as of this week), but it is too soon to tell results.

I have found Pitbull to be exactly as Henry says. Simple, easy to learn, and effective. It is well worth the $50 he charges, and more IMO.

Good luck with your investments,

- Steve

From: David Heil

Subject: Re: PITBULL INVESTOR(tm) Update
MIME-version: 1.0

Keep me on your list.

I keep Newspapers for about a Q, so I went back and tested your
method from May 1. Seems to work well.

David Heil

From: Steve Markley
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Dumb Question...

First, I just received all three Pitbull investment programs and they are GREAT! This program makes a lot more sense to me than anything I have tried yet!

From: Alexander Morris

I received the system. Thank you very much! I do believe you are right in that it does address the problems where Alberto left off. I will be looking forward to receiving the option trading report, which will definitely make your package fly away from the pack. I'm also quite interested in your quarterly service. To have all the Newspaper picks already formatted in the computer is wonderful and such a time saver. (And not to have to slave over the newspaper!) I've also passed the word along to several other investor sources I know of, so expect at least a few more calls! Chat soon...

Alexander Morris

From: Eric Ridley

Subject: "Head-Slapping" simplicity

You're right. Thanks so much for distilling so much common sense into such easy rules. And yes "why didn't I figure it out for myself?" It's patently obvious.

Once again, thanks for making the obvious seem obvious.

Eric Ridley

From: Steve Markley
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Dumb Question...

First, I just received all three Pitbull investment programs and they are GREAT! This program makes a lot more sense to me than anything I have tried yet!

Steve M.

From: Duane Lipham
Subject: A few questions

Mr. Ford,
I have purchased the Pitbull Investor, the Eagle-1 Options speculator, andthe Guide to Shorting Hi-Performance Stocks, and I have enjoyed studyingthem and have learned a great deal from them. I have been a followersince I read O'Darvasl's book about a year and a half ago, and since I have been trying to invest in stocks on my own using his methods for picking stocks and money management.However, your methods seem to reduce a lot of
the risk associated with investing in high growth stocks, while still
providing good returns.

Thank You Again,
Duane Lipman

From: Terry Smith
Subject: Pitbull Investor

I have recently subcribed to the Pitbull, Eagle, and your shorting of stocks courses with enthusiasm. Tonight (1/8/95) I hooked onto the internet to download/read your latest recommendations on stocks. I have taken investors for almost one year and have read by Nicholas Darvas and his Darvas method. I am a novice investor and feel you are giving many people a chance to do well in the
stock market. Thank You!!!!

Mime-Version: 1.0

From: mcmanus
Subject: PitBull Investor

Dear Henry,

Hello. I purchased the PitBull Investor last year and I am quite
satisfied. I have a friend who is interested in purchasing the PitBull
Investor also. I won't let him copy mine as I find that unethical. Anyway, I showed him a little about how the system works and he doesn't believe that it is that easy. He questions whether my picks will match yours and everyone elses or not. Would it be possible to obtain a temporary password (2 weeks or 1 month) to your Fax On Demand or On-Line Picks Service to show him that the results are the same?

I just saw on your site that you are working on a system for Mutual
Funds and Telescan AutoSearch. Can you give me a little more information about these and when they might be available? You know I'm always interested in your products.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Take care
and keep up the good work.

Respectfully yours,
William P. McManus

From: Stan Casey
Subject: Stock Pick Results
X-Attachments: E:\My Documents\pitbull10_20.xls; E:\My

Dear Henry:
Thought you might be interested in the attached analysis. I used the
highest merit stock each week. Admittedly this is not a large sample but seems to indicate that 20% profit stops get you out a lot sooner. Results were very good. I'm becoming a believer!
Regards Stan

Attachment converted: IMF MAC:pitbull10_20.xls (XLS4/XCEL) (0000E5A6)
Attachment converted: IMF MAC:pitbull5_25.xls (XLS4/XCEL) (0000E5A7)

X-UIDL: 808000496.001
From: Les Smith
Subject: Pitbull Investor

> ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Henry, what you've done is to distill the essence of Nicholas Darvas's method of picking stocks, while elininating 90% of the work! WOW! What I particularly like is the way we put all of the resources, expertise and knowledge of all the people at Newspaper on our payroll for $.75 a week. In essence, they do all the grunt work for us while we're out on the golf course and, then, at the end of the week, we sift through the results of all their labors, quickly picking out the best of the best investment alternatives available. What a great system!

While I'm really impressed with the Pitbull Investor, I'm even more
impressed with the man who put it together. I've been an investor
for many years and have always found that making money in the market was hard work. All the books I've read, from Louis Engle to Nicholas Darvas, have always presented the market as extremely difficult to understand and advocated an ethic that said the harder you work at it, the more successful you'll be. And, now, after all these years, someone with a flash of genius says that it's not a matter of working harder, it's a matter of working smarter and then SHOWS YOU HOW TO DO IT!

The world and the net are filled with get-rich-quick schemes. How
rare it is to find someone who is actually able to deliver and make
good his promises. Irregardless of how much money I make with Pitbull Investor, I will remember the name WH Ford. It was people like you, who, through brains, ingenuity and perseverence, made this country what it once was. In the wasteland it has become, you offer hope that perhaps all is not lost. I am already enriched by meeting you through your trading system. For that, I sincerely thank you.

All the best to you and yours,
Les Smith

From: "Reddy, Murli"
To: whford
Subject: Letter of appreciation
Encoding: 27 TEXT

Dear Mr. Ford,
I have been playing this stock game for about an year, some stocks made marginal profit and some lost upto 30% of the principle investment before i pulled myself out. I would look at people with dismay who used to boast at parties as perpetual winners. How can people win all the time and make money? Are they exaggerating the facts? Are they trying to glorify themselves? Is this stock just a guessing game? I wonder all the time. If Warren Buffet can make 12 Billion dollors by just trading stocks, then there must be a system which works.Then I came across your Pitbull stock picking and trading system which really impressed. At first I thought this is one of those "get rich quick" scams. I studied the system and underlying principles carefully which made lot of sense to me. I went to public library and probed the sanity of the system which never failed. I am so much delighted to tell you that you really gave me a check for "multi million dollors". My modesty forced me to use "M" in place of "B". I am basically a risk taking person, but this system forces me to put aggressive risks into disciplined tactical trading. This is the greatest wealth I have ever acquired in my life.This is something we can pass on to our descendents.
Thanks a lot for answering all my questions with patience.


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