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 Stock Option trading can be one of the most financially rewarding, (or destructive), investment strategies you can become involved with.

Stock options are bets, in their purest form, that the particular issue involved will go up or down, just like betting on Red or Black on the roulette wheel.

Better than 90% of the people who place their bets on options are going to go broke, (or at least deplete their resources significantly); get disgusted; mad at themselves for playing in a market they do not understand and go off to invest in T-Bills and Blue Chips where they do not have to worry about the monthly phases of the moon, ect... (The figure I've heard is 93% which would not surprise me one bit).

So, why do so many follow the lure of stock options?
The answer of course is exactly the same reason that folks flock to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The desire for a quick killing; a fast buck; instant gratification; a desire to be punished unmercifully; a chance to meet Sally Struthers!!!.......

Options can be heavy fuel for the ego....they can also be devastating psychologically. If you do not have capital to risk, then stick to more conservative investments. There is no shame in building your nest egg slowly and methodically. Aggressive and speculative investments are only appropriate for those with the stomach, heart and head for it.

So why bother to even continue to read on. All of this depressing drivel is so disheartening, (or should be), that anybody in their right mind should immediately go to the ZEN Homepage; NOW!!!

The answer is that options can be extremely profitable once you avoid the pitfalls the rest of the market would love you to fall into, (including your broker who loves options players who play the "box" for six times the normal commissions).

With our stock option system we trade only call options, but buy them in a way that minimizes risk of loss and at the same time maximizes gains. The method requires no computer and has protective stops. We get our selections from among the PITBULL INVESTOR stock selections once a week. We don't get caught in the wasting asset cycle as the option approaches expiration.

Here is a more recent example of a signal or stock selection system  generated on the stock LLL, we then went to our option strategy to find the best option for this stock.:

Close to a 100% return as opposed to a the stock investment by trading the stock option instead of the stock.

We have been trading and researching stock / option systems for years and that is what we live for, as the stock market is one of the only places in the world where you can walk away with unlimited amounts of cash without anyone thinking twice about it.

 I am not sure if our obsession is driven by pure genius or an overactive greed gland, but the EarningsTrader.com stock picking strategy coupled with our option strategy has been outperforming anything else we have ever developed or even have seen.


We do not write covered calls. We trade the stock option instead of trading the stock for leverage purposes

If we have titillated your imagination, twanged a responsive chord or made your heart do a double thump, why not give the PITBULL INVESTOR and EAGLE -I OPTIONS stock option trading system a try.

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