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What Materials Will I receive As a Pitbull Investor?

You will receive The PITBULL INVESTOR - A Disciplined Tactical Stock Investment system manual which will teach you step-by-step on how to make your stock selections, determine your entry and exit points, and calculate your stop-losses...

You will know everything you needed to know to work the system on your own. Additionally, we provide you with four weeks of our internet service so you can double check your work to make sure you are working the system properly and coming up with the same stocks we are...

All of this is for a one time cost of $59.50 which carries a no-risk, 6 month, 100% money back guarantee..

What is the Pitbull Online stock signal Service, and what does it offer me?

As a new Pitbull, you will automatically receive a user id & password for the online service.This weekly service will provide you with the signals that the system makes, as it makes them, so that you can be sure that you are working the system correctly..

You do not in any way NEED the service to utilize the Pitbull stock Systems. Despite this, due to popular demand, we offer a continued service, for traders that are on the run and like to be able to get the selections with Mr. Fords Comments for as low as $54. Once Again, It is by no means necessary. the manuals are written in a simple manner and take you step by step through the process.. The services include The Long and Shorting Selections.

How and why does the stock system work?

The System takes much of the guesswork out of finding good candidates that are poised to take off.. Utilizing these selections in conjunction with Mr. Ford's Money Management, Stop Loss and Exit strategies, has produced astounding returns time and time again in all market conditions.... and continues to churn out over 200% returns year after year, despite market conditions.

You will Learn to limit your losses and maximize your gains. Many "Big Names" have contacted Mr. Ford requesting to start "Pitbull funds" with as much as 50 Million Dollars. Mr. Ford Has expressed that he has no intention of starting a "Pitbull fund". He developed this brilliant system for his own trading purposes and feels that when systems get to the "fund" stage they become too unwieldy and present too large a target for those who would trade against them.

How long do you hold a particular stock trade?

You will normally hold a stock anywhere from 30 to 90 days. With the long system, you will want to maintain a portfolio of about 8 issues. As an individual issue hits a profit exit, or stop loss, you will look at that weeks selections, pick the best issue to replace it with...Best issue determined by specific rules outlined in the Pitbull Investor(tm) Manual

If Mr. Ford is doing so great with the system, why is he marketing it??

He's not!..I am! (his son)..He developed and perfected the system for himself. Back in 1992 I was working for a rather large trading/charting software company (who's name I won't mention here) working in the sales and customer support department.. The charting software did not perform well often times, and I would have to listen to complaints from people calling me up and yelling at me because the boss' $2,000 Non-Refundable Software didn't work!!!.

Then at night I would come home from work, sit down with my father, and he would be telling me about how he just had a $8,000 day, sometimes a $1,000 day, and occasionally - $ 150, but never a big loss.. and whenever there was a rare small loss, all the larger trades more than covered them..He's been doing this for years, and still does today!!

So at the time, I said "Hey DAD! This system works so great, why don't we offer it to the public!"My father told me that the reason that he spent over ten years developing this system was so that he wouldn't ever have to work again..but that he would be more than happy to let me market as I wished. and felt that it would be good experience for me. I was excited to think that with this system, I could offer something that people would actually call me and thank me, instead of telling me to **** ***..

Today, I'm proud to say that there are over 30,000 Pitbulls out there, and I will add,"Happy Pitbulls". We get calls all the time from people calling just to say "thank you" for showing them how to make a real profit in the market, and have even received our share of Christmas cards and Family Photos!! You don't know what a wonderful feeling it is to have people calling to say thank you all the time...

The Pitbull Investor(tm) has been seen in Stocks & Commodities, CNBC, Barrons, Money Talk Radio, DBC Signal, PC Quote, Rueters, Moneynet, E-Trade, and The Wall Street Journal.

What is the deal with the 6 month 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee, and do many customers take advantage of it?

I was confident that people would be happy with the system, and decided that I was going to offer an unconditional 6 month money back guarantee..and still do! You may return the material back to me in any condition, with no explanation within six months after purchase for a full refund (minus shipping), No Questions asked..We process refunds immediately, same day that they are received, charges are reversed, or a check is mailed (depending on your original Method of Payment").

I am also proud to report that out of approximately 30,000 orders, we have received less than 750 back.

I recently had a customer call me up, and tell me that he had planned on Xerox copying the manual and returning it, whether it worked or not...but then he went on to tell me that he has done so well with it, that he had decided to keep it, and thanked me..What a good feeling!

We knew when we decided to offer the 6 month money back guarantee, that there would be a number of people out there that would order it with the only intention of Xerox copying it and mailing it back....... Just a fact of life...but instead of getting returns, we get a very large number of sales generated by referrals of current Pitbulls who have been sending their friends and family to us..

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what we're all about. We have a staff of 7 full time employees to help your needs...

Enough about us! My recommendation to you? Get the Pitbull Investor today on the 6 month money back guarantee; paper trade with the system for a while..and you WILL SEE the profits!!

If you are still skeptical, check out our selections made for this week; where we bought them; and at the bottom of our main page, we have a "retrieve a quote option" you can enter up to 5 symbols at once, for a 20 min delayed quote for that issue.. You can see where the selections are now.....

You can fill out the free trial form for a sample password that will allow you to see the current selections..Watch them for a while...After those few weeks, you will see the money that you would have made during that period, and you will wish you would have started then... I hear it all the time..

I encourage you all to put in your two cents worth as I never stop learning and we can all benefit each other.

YOU CANNOT GET EMOTIONAL ABOUT A PARTICULAR STOCK and remain a consistent winner.. This is the very first thing that I learned from my father....We also have a system for shorting stocks . You can read up on this strategy at our website as well.

Regards, and Have Funds Investing!
W. Henry Ford II

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