How To Use These Reports:

The scan engine goes through all of the stocks in the US market and finds those which meet our criteria for the indicated pattern.

As an example, in the Bullish 1 pattern above, we were looking for stocks in a horizontal channel which had formed within the last 3 months.

We limited the price range to a minimum of $4 and 50,000 shares.

Stocks that passed the test presented and upper resistance and lower support line which is annotated on the accompanying chart.

Price and Volume rank simply indicate on a scale of -100% to +100% where the stock currently falls. A negative price rank of -80% as an example would indicate that the stock has been falling for quite some time which would be a negative for a stock that just broke down. A volume rank of +80% would indicate that volume has been rising which of course would be a positive in a breakout situation.


Click on any stock symbol on the Pattern Scan Results To View a Chart Of That Stock and Pattern

Below the Chart you will see the additional pattern scan displaying the results from a secondary scan on that stock including:

1 Year High/Low

5 Year High/Low

New Uptrend (ADX)

New Downtrend (ADX)

New Uptrend (Aroon)

New Downtrend Aroon

Dogs Of Dow

Institutional Buying Up

Institutional Buying Down

MACD (Bearish/Bullish)

50/200 Day Bullish Crossover

50/200 Day Bearish Crossover

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

Bearish Engulfing Pattern

and over 20 more patterns will be displayed as they are met...

These can be used as a secondary confirmation as well.

Stock Chart Pattern Screener